i-Flitzani is heading for the AppStore tonight!

30 Jun

Welcome to i-Flitzani!

Once you drink your coffee, take a picture of the remains, holding your camera over your cup (make sure you keep your camera at an appropriate distance, so that you get a full screen picture of your cup’s mouth)!

Once you do so, the Great kyra Koula will observe it, and she’ll tell you what the future holds for you…



i-Flitzani is an entertainment application. All predictions provided by this application are purely fictional.


Ted Reglis (Sound and the original idea)


Paul Reglis (Graphics)


George Chiotis (Programming)



2 Responses to “i-Flitzani is heading for the AppStore tonight!”

  1. george August 12, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

    download απο που?

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