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i-Flitzani goes viral

1 Dec
the Coffee vs icon Don't be an iDiot image

the Coffee vs iCoffee – Don’t be an iDiot image

Recently, we witnessed an image stating: “Don’t be an iDiot” comparing the actual cup of coffee of $4 with the iOS application of $12 no matter that the iOS application costs (now) nearly $0.99. If you take a closer look, you will notice that there is a stop-Apple sign at the bottom left corner, too. It is not clear if the creator of this image: a. is actually promoting the iCoffee application, b. is genuinely against Apple or c. thinks that iOS users are just idiots (it was written “iDiots”). We probably have to contact Mathias that signs the poster: “proudly sponsored by Mathias”. The thing is that we received the photo in our Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and it was a picture that drew our attention!

The imminent result of looking at the picture was to open GIMP, search the iFlitzani image archive and respond to that picture with a viral one (or at least this was what we thought of). In our country, Greece, to get a real “greek” coffee fortune telling taste you have to pay something in between 20€ to 200€ depending on the teller’s fame and increasing mouth-to-mouth popularity. An average visit to a coffee-teller will cost you nearly 50€ to just drink your coffee in order someone to read the left-overs and tell you about your future.

Actually, there is also a well-known movie (comedy) dedicated to this money-harvesting habit that all Greeks have seen more than a dozen times and they are going to see it a dozen more for sure in the future. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to have an old tradition of coffee-teling in your family you can get a free coffee-reading from your mother, grand-mother, beloved aunt or even a male in your family that happens to know the ancient-art of coffee-telling!

So, we have responded to this “Don’t be an iDiot” campaign with our own version (“sponsored by George” this time) removing at the same time the stop-Apple sign to just investigate the possibilities of a viral outbreak. We have to admit that we had a noticeable increase of 100% the days that follower our own post in our social media accounts.


the Flitzani vs iFlitzani response to the Coffee vs iCoffee poster

This is the whole story behind the iFlitzani “Don’t be an iDiot” picture without holding any claims for the originality of the idea or any copyright especially from Mathias who we do not know at all. Hope you like it and buy your personal “greek” coffee telling application.